Forgive and move on (2)

If you're wise, you'll do four things:

(1) Focus on the road ahead.

By looking in the rearview mirror instead of at what's ahead, you'll miss the next turn and end up in a ditch.

Focus on the fact that you survived, and that you've learned from your experience. God kept you around for a reason; find it and pour your life into it.

(2) Stop looking for easy answers.

Visit any bookstore and you'll find shelves lined with titles promising ten easy steps to financial achievement, five trouble-free keys to success, or twelve simple strategies for health, wealth, and fulfillment in life.

Sorry, it doesn't work that way. Life is hard, and deep inside we know all those simplistic approaches don't work. But the fact that your life is difficult doesn't mean you're on the wrong path.

As the old country preacher said, "If you don't come face to face with the Devil sometimes, you must be going in the same direction he is."

(3) Stay on your path - not everybody will go with you.

Some of your closest friends are people who will never change, and they don't like those who do.

Your decision to change doesn't mean they will do the same. Nevertheless, you must be committed to growing, expanding your knowledge and experience, and moving to the next level in life.

(4) Believe in yourself - God does!

When someone tells you you'll never amount to anything, smile and keep going.

God alone knows your potential, and if you're willing to trust Him and work hard, He'll help you to fulfill it. In the final analysis, success is an argument your enemies and critics can't refute.

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