Small seeds – big harvests!

Sowing Seeds

Pastor Tony Evans writes: "I was born and raised in inner-city Baltimore. By the time I was about ten, my parents looked to be heading for divorce.

But then one day everything changed; someone witnessed to my father and he accepted Christ.

My father developed the habit of getting up at midnight, praying that God would save his family. This went on for some time.

One night my mother came downstairs to the living room where my father was praying. She began crying even before she reached the living room.

When my father asked what was wrong, with anguished tears and a desperate heart she said the unforgettable: 'The worse I am to you, the better you are to me, so whatever you have must be real. How can I have it too?'

That night my father led my mother to Christ. Not long after that my parents led their four children to Christ too. I was the oldest.

I was saved at 11, felt the call to be a minister by the time I entered my teens, and was totally ministry-oriented by the time I hit 18."

Since that day Tony Evans has built a great Church in Forth Worth, Texas, preaches daily on hundreds of radio stations, and reaches multitudes for Christ each year.

Andrew brought his brother Peter and introduced him to Jesus. And Peter eventually brought multitudes. But whose contribution mattered most? Both!

So pray, encourage, witness, and reach out as God directs you. You never know what a big harvest your small seed will produce.

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